Happy Holidays!

The annual Single Family Christmas card! The boys gave me the idea of the Wordle, and I got creative in Photoshop! Hope your holidays are filled with love, laughter and joy! Happy New Year!

Jen & Jon’s Wedding

Normally every year or two I have the pleasure of photographing a friend’s wedding. This year, in addition to Gina and Kehl’s wedding, I was honored to photograph Jen and Jon’s wedding. It was only fitting since for the past few years I have nothing short of harassed Jon at my house about getting engaged to Jen. Fortunately the day after I last harassed him, they got engaged! So, please enjoy a snapshot of the long-anticipated day!

Kristen + Brent’s Wedding

Kristen and Brent found me thanks to Colleen and Joe’s wedding, and I was honored to have them trust me to capture their wedding day. It was a perfect fall day and was a total blast. From all the special moments like the blind toast and Kristen’s secret note to Brent, it was a great day. I can especially connect with Brent who seems to share my emotional side. enjoy a snapshot of their day!

Jackie & Shawn’s Wedding

While it is still summer, it felt like fall for Jackie and Shawn’s wedding, as I returned to the Heidelberg Country Club outside of Reading, PA. We had a great day and all had a great time at the reception. Enjoy a snapshot of their day!

Linda Reedy - September 16, 2013 - 7:50 PM

The best wedding pictures I EVER saw. What an amazing photographer!

Faith + James’ Wedding

As I have mentioned many times, I love repeat family weddings, where is seems like I know a lot of the guests! Faith and James trusted me after I photographed James’ sister’s wedding, Amanda, who was also a bridesmaid and Ben was the best man. Faith and James had an all-Philly experience for me. From their engagement session around old city and their wedding in the city, we could have walked everywhere on Saturday…although it was just warm enough to feel a little warm! Overall, a perfectly fun and amazing day. Enjoy the snapshot of their day!

And thanks to Erik Matey for second shooting with me all day long!

James & Faith Quinn - September 3, 2013 - 1:12 PM

We cannot express how great you were to work with. From the engagement session in the city to when we got ready on our wedding day to capturing every special moment throughout our ceremony to when the cake was cut at the end of the reception. It is so amazing to be able to re-live that day over and over with these beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for everything, Craig!

Emily + Stephen

Every so often I’m lucky enough to have clients that make me feel like one of the family. Emily and Stephen’s wedding was exactly that after being the photographer for Emily’s sister, Julianna’s wedding a couple years ago in 14 degree weather! And Emily’s cousin Sarah asked me to photographer her wedding last year. So after getting to know Emily’s side of the wedding, it was great to get to know Stephen’s family and have an amazing day that somehow the rain that had come every afternoon for almost a week, missed us on Saturday. Enjoy a snapshot of their day!

Gina + Kehl’s Wedding

Every so often I have a wedding of someone I have known for several years. This is the first time I’ve had a wedding of someone that I have been their boss! It was a total honor to have Gina trust me enough to shoot her marriage to Kehl. After driving out to Pittsburgh we had a super hot late May day, but it didn’t take away from all the fun. However when Gina told me her church wasn’t air conditioned I was a little worried, but it wasn’t a problem. Enjoy a snapshot of their day.

I was also lucky enough to have Melanie Grady, a local Pittsburgh photog, www.melaniegradyphotography.com, with me as a second shooter.


Today happens to be my wife’s birthday, and while there aren’t any factoids relating to her birthday, there is one that most clients don’t even know about their images. Every one of the images I present to a couple, in either the slideshow the day after the wedding, or in the entire set of proofs, the first image number is always 1997, the year Liz and I got married.

Every wedding I shoot reminds me of my wedding day, the vows we exchanged, the emotions of the moments including not being able to look at Liz as she walked down the aisle because I would cry, and our photograph taking an HOUR AND A HALF to take family formals (yeah that ain’t happening with the formals I take).

Lauren + Dan’s Wedding

It seems like yesterday that I closed out 2012 with Erin and Brian’s wedding, and it’s already the first wedding of 2013 with Lauren and Dan. God certainly shone on them as the weather was a perfect temperature and not a cloud in the sky most of the day…only a couple to enhance the sunset! Lauren and Dan’s ceremony was by far one of the most touching I’ve attended with each of them writing amazing letters to each other that Father Flynn read aloud. It was awesome to be a witness to their marriage…enjoy a snapshot of their day.


Engagement Sessions…

Somehow I seem to forget to post engagement sessions…so here is a recent one. Emily is the sister of Julianna who’s wedding was the coldest in my record book. Emily, Steve and I roamed around Tyler Arboretum and got some great shots!