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Ashley + Mike’s Pomme Wedding

After a spring of cold, rain, and frankly crappy weather, Ashley and Mike brought the best Mother Nature had in store! This wedding was a who’s who of my former couples and bridal parties. Thanks to Colleen & Joe and Kristen & Brent for instilling in Mike and Ashley the faith that I could give them a great day. Enjoy a snapshot of their amazing day.


I hope you enjoyed the show and you may not see many more from me in the future. As life and work has demanded more of my time, I’ve had to reduce the number of weddings I take on each year.



Sherri + Matt’s Wedding

What a great day in Philadelphia with Sherri and Matt, thanks to Kristen who only met her about the time of Kristen’s wedding, but encouraged Sherri to consider me! Well, thanks Sherri and Matt for trusting me with your wedding day and for making me a part of a total blast of a day. I was laughing and enjoying myself the entire time!


Great music provided by Adam Haines,, and usual great music by Steve Croce from

Ainsley + Steven’s Aronimink Golf Club Wedding

On Saturday I had the honor of being the photographer for Ainsley and Steven’s wedding at Aronimink Golf Club in Newtown Square, PA. It was a beautiful (although rainy) day, but as I told Ainsley and her bridesmaids, the rain would allow for a beautiful glistening finish to the day…and it did! Enjoy a snapshot of their day…

Erin + Stephen’s Wedding

So this week I not only got to photograph Erin and Stephen’s wedding, but I also met with who was responsible for them booking me, Emily and Steve (who’s wedding I photographed last year and we were finally meeting to get their album planned out…see what happens when couples move across the country!) who went to camp with Erin! Anyway, when I met with Erin and Stephen it was a snow storm, but their wedding day could not have been more perfect. And for the first time I’m cranking out a slideshow the same day (okay it’s past midnight so it’s technically not the same day) of their wedding. So, enjoy the show!

Happy Holidays!

The annual Single Family Christmas card! The boys gave me the idea of the Wordle, and I got creative in Photoshop! Hope your holidays are filled with love, laughter and joy! Happy New Year!

Jen & Jon’s Wedding

Normally every year or two I have the pleasure of photographing a friend’s wedding. This year, in addition to Gina and Kehl’s wedding, I was honored to photograph Jen and Jon’s wedding. It was only fitting since for the past few years I have nothing short of harassed Jon at my house about getting engaged to Jen. Fortunately the day after I last harassed him, they got engaged! So, please enjoy a snapshot of the long-anticipated day!

Lauren + Dan’s Wedding

It seems like yesterday that I closed out 2012 with Erin and Brian’s wedding, and it’s already the first wedding of 2013 with Lauren and Dan. God certainly shone on them as the weather was a perfect temperature and not a cloud in the sky most of the day…only a couple to enhance the sunset! Lauren and Dan’s ceremony was by far one of the most touching I’ve attended with each of them writing amazing letters to each other that Father Flynn read aloud. It was awesome to be a witness to their marriage…enjoy a snapshot of their day.


Erin & Brian’s Wedding

After photographing weddings for over eight years, what do you say about a wedding? This was actually pretty easy for a change! Erin and Brian’s wedding was the perfect way to end my 2012 wedding season. Great couple, awesome bridal party, great venue, and (love) true love. I felt honored to be a part of their day and it was fun and emotional all at the same time. For me, the best part was Brian and his Mom dancing to You Are My Sunshine. I think I have discovered the song that my wife should dance with me boys. When they were both babies she (and I) sang that to them to help them fall asleep and even today my youngest asks for “special songs” at bedtime even though he is 7 1/2, and when my wife sings it, he sings along.

So, not only was Erin and Brian’s wedding special for them, it touched my heart and brought a tear to my eye. Enjoy a snapshot of their amazing day and see you all in 2013!

And here are my favorites from the day…

First is the fun hallway on the way to the bathrooms at DuPont…when Erin and Brian had a photo “near the stairs” on their list, I thought they meant the normal grand stairway…NOT…this spot is far better!

This next shot is one of my favorite moments of an entire day…the time that Dad sees his daughter in her dress for the first time

I call this image Job Security…in other words the involvement of flower girls and ring bearers in weddings ensures that some little girl is in a wedding and dreams of being a bride her whole life!

While the obligatory image of the groomsmen is necessary for Mom and Dad, this is far more fun!

Every bride touches the groom a different way at the reveal shot…I loved how Erin did wrapping her arms around Brian.

This is why you never take your eyes off the ceremony. Erin and Brian just leaned in during one of the prayers, it was sweet.


Bow chica wow wow…

Erin’s dress was one of the most perfect dresses I’ve ever seen for spinning and how it just twirled perfectly…this is a second after Brian spun her and you can still see her dress twisting, super fun.

No words needed here…Father and Daughter



Ernie Savarese - April 23, 2013 - 10:14 PM

What a fantastic wedding … beautifully captured!! Gorgeous pictures!!

Simon - January 22, 2013 - 8:24 PM

Loving the photograph of the couple walking into the room and the last one of the bride and father dance.

Kathleen Murphy - November 2, 2012 - 11:07 PM

Wow–what beautiful pictures. Looks like a perfect day! xoxoxo

Noreen Anderson - October 28, 2012 - 7:24 PM

beautiful picture of a beautiful couple!! what a fun wedding it was!!

Family Portraits

I had the pleasure to work with a couple families over the past few months to capture growing families. It’s one of the fun parts of shooting weddings is watching their families and in some cases families of their siblings grow. Being a Dad has taught me how to get the most out of every family portrait session. Enjoy a few from the past few months!

Slides are fun! I always ask parents to let me have some fun with kids before getting into the posed shots…it almost always works.

Sometimes there are just too many distractions to keep everyone focused…so you just have to roll with it!

And sometimes a great picture doesn’t need everyone looking at the exact same spot!


I’m gonna eat your camera!

Sometimes legs aren’t ready for standing, but this works!

Corporate Headshots

I’m don’t normally target corporate work, but sometimes brides and grooms lead to other interesting work. Thanks to Rachel I was asked to get some updated portraits of her firm’s partners. When approaching corporate headshots I have a different approach. I prefer environmental portraits and ask each person who their clients and coworkers know…so are they a smiling, serious, or joking kind of person. So here is an example of how I approached the shoot…one artificially lighted set and one natural light. Being limited to the partner’s house was challenging, but the results turned out pretty well!