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Today happens to be my wife’s birthday, and while there aren’t any factoids relating to her birthday, there is one that most clients don’t even know about their images. Every one of the images I present to a couple, in either the slideshow the day after the wedding, or in the entire set of proofs, the first image number is always 1997, the year Liz and I got married.

Every wedding I shoot reminds me of my wedding day, the vows we exchanged, the emotions of the moments including not being able to look at Liz as she walked down the aisle because I would cry, and our photograph taking an HOUR AND A HALF to take family formals (yeah that ain’t happening with the formals I take).

Fuji x100 Pros and Cons for Wedding Photography

Sorry folks for the technical posts of late…some awesome engagement session images are about to be launched! To follow-up my initial post about the new Fuji x100 camera, here are my summaries of it, in terms of Pros and Cons

– files are awesome at ISO up to 6400 and in either JPG or RAW now that Lightroom supports it
– colors are wonderful out of the camera
– white balance is pretty darn good, but I haven’t compared it to any other camera, but it looks pretty good
– it’s darn quiet…in fact essentially silent for practical purposes, which is EXACTLY what I wanted, even better than my missed Voigtlander R3A which of course adds the sounds of the shutter cocking
– viewfinder is perfect, customizable, and bright
– AF is better than I’d expected, and using manual focus is fantastic when combined with the rear focus button which allows AF in manual mode and focuses from macro to infinity!!
– I could go on and on, but that’s enough for now

– battery…sucks big time, but easily solved with an extra battery…in these days of battery technology how they screwed this one up I have no idea
– manual focus ring on the lens is WAY too slow, but feels like it’s a potential firmware item
– the grip could be a little more substantial, but that is a nit, not a complaint

Can’t wait to put it into full use at a wedding, which is the main reason I purchased this camera!

UPDATE: Since the firmware update, I can say it’s almost like a new camera. The little things that bugged me are totally gone…with the exception of the cons listed above. The little things that bugged me were the change of ISO from modes, settings being forgotten after power off, and a few others. But they were little.

Brian Kraft - May 16, 2012 - 4:10 PM

I gave the X100 a go for a wedding and got these results. It was a challenge, but really fun too.

Kevin Mullins - August 17, 2011 - 8:06 PM

Great little review. I’ve been using mine for weddings for the past month and it has revolutionised the way I work.

Favorite Wedding Image – Part 5

Only three more to go! Jackie and Mike may have been the coolest, or coldest, engagement session I’ve ever shot. The reason behind the cold engagement session, was that their wedding was going to be in July, and they thought it was going to be really hot.

Before heading on to their favorite, I thought it was worth mentioning the cold engagement session. So on February 4th 2010, Jackie emails me with the following…in reference to their engagement pictures.

“We were thinking it would be nice to take them in the snow, if possible, but we do not want it to be a hassle for you. I know you’ve got kids and snow days are meant for playing. We would never want to intrude upon that. In addition, snow is dangerous for driving. We’d never want for you to have to put yourself at any risk. On top of that, snow is not easy to project and book way in advance. It may be too difficult, which is very understandable, but are we able to call you when they are projecting snow and, if you are available and if we are able to get to where you are so that you do not have to drive, would we be able to take some pictures?”

Mind you, the forecast for that weekend, on the 6th, was for up to 30 inches of snow and eventually a blizzard warning. My response to Jackie’s email was this…”COOL IDEA!” So we hit Ridley Creek State Park with 27 inches of snow up to our thighs…here is just one image from the day before their favorite image…

Their engagement session was cold for sure, but,  as I recall, the wedding wasn’t, and this is their favorite image from the day, and here is why…

“My favorite picture, almost unexplainably is the one below, where Mike and I are dancing at the reception. I guess I like it because I love to see Mike happy and I just think he looks so happy in this shot. I can remember at that moment that nothing in the world besides the two of us mattered. It really captures how we feel about each other. Simple, pure, no frills.” Jackie

Favorite Wedding Image – Part 2

And now couple number 2! Jenn and Omar were fun from the first time I met them. When Omar told me how he proposed I WANTED to photograph their wedding. I’m sure you are curious, he had his family visiting and then got his, and Jenn’s family, to wear t-shirts that spelled out will you marry me!

Their wedding day was crazy windy and rainy. In fact, when we arrived at the reception, the sculpture garden at the location had been wiped out by the wind. Sculptures were blown over, it was nuts! When we were wrapping up pictures in the church I realized that when the front door opened, the wind was just strong enough to blow Jenn’s hair. While we weren’t able to go outside for any pictures, this image felt, to me, like it was a beautiful day with a gentle wind! Even though the shadow of the pew drives me nuts…it’s the picture Omar and Jenn selected.

And in their words…”I feel like this picture symbolizes our wedding day the most. Even though it was extremely windy and rainy, we did not let the weather put a damper on our day. This picture reminds us of exactly how windy it was not only outside, but inside as well. It looks as if we had a fan in front of us! The weather we experienced on our wedding day is a brides worst nightmare; however, I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. Despite the weather, we never once took a smile off our faces. We absolutely love this photo. Thanks for photographing our special day :)”

Best of 2010!

It was hard to decide out of 2,842 slideshow images from 2010, but I finally got it narrowed down…still a lot of images.

Wait for it…wait for it…takes a while to load because of all the awesome images 😉

Where to meet?

Today I was at Barnes and Noble and was browsing the magazine section near the coffee shop. It was a very busy day there, noisy, crowded. I noticed a couple meeting with a prospective wedding photographer. This is what I used to do on a regular basis, mainly because I had no where else really good to meet with couples.

Now that I have my meeting space in town I would never go back…unless of course the couple was from far away and wanted to meet in person, then of course a place in the middle will help both of us!

But, seeing the meeting taking place, made me realize that it is so distracting. Certainly to me. I want to talk, and learn about each couple and not be worried about being distracted by other people…or worse having my couple distracted! Anyway, just an observation and a way to let you know how I like to work with couples.

My lovely meeting space…I love it!

Dana Murray - September 30, 2011 - 3:24 PM

Love the black and white photo and album on the wall! Cute couple :)

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

This is something different from the norm, but thought I’d share it. It was a long night and I can barely keep my head up I’m so tired, but I always enjoy this type of photography as a diversion. If you a really like the image, you can download a high resolution copy with a $5 donation to my favorite local non-profit, the Chester County Migrant Ministry, click HERE to purchase with the donation.

Philadelphia Area Wedding Vendors – Cakes & Desserts

Over the years I have worked with some great (and not-so-great) vendors at weddings. Cake artists, florists, planners, DJs, bands, and venues to name a few categories. I’m sure I could come up with a LOT more categories, but here are a few of my favorites to start…to start…

Cake Artists/Desserts
– Only one to recommend here, and hands-down the most amazing cake I’ve seen at Summer and Marc’s wedding and was done by The Cake Art Studio and Eileen Gray

– The most amazing Viennese room I have EVER seen was at Nicole and John’s wedding and it was all supplied (including the cake) by Nicole’s father’s bakery, Schenk’s Family Bakery

– A personal favorite and often used vendor for my own purposes, is Cupcakes Gourmet, simply amazing cupcakes, the best in the region

Shannon - January 2, 2011 - 10:33 PM

I was the event planner for Summer and Marc’s wedding and was a bridesmade in Nicole and John’s wedding! These pictures are amazing of their cakes. I had the honor of Schenk’s Family Bakery make te cake for our wedding not only was it stunning but it taste great too!

Budding Assistant

Last weekend I helped capture the 100th anniversary of our summer lake chapel. It was a great picnic put together by my father-in-law and one of his colleagues on the church board. There were some neat historical tidbits and stories from some of the more elder members. During the event my oldest son wanted to capture some images and he did a great job! I even gave him a lesson in capturing moments…he gets it perfectly. I can’t wait until he can assist me on a wedding in the not too distant future.

As you can see, he has the proper technique down pat! He even uses the back button to focus…that was a big change for him.

4 Days + 800 Miles + 27 hours = My (long) Weekend

It started with Meredith and Paulo’s wedding in Basking Ridge, NJ, back home, then on to Colleen and Joe’s engagement session in Stone Harbor, NJ, then back home before heading to Annapolis, MD for Michelle and Allan’s engagement session. It was a very long four day stretch with thousands of images taken, but it was AWESOME.

In what has been a crazy, busy, summer there have been lots of great moments and experiences. In the craziness I have neglected to post and of the fun engagement sessions…so stay tuned…they are about to hit the blog!

Check the map…a little crazy