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First Communion Portraits in Chester County

I have photographed a few first communion portraits back a few years. Now, friends of ours are starting to have their kids go through the first communion, so I’m back in full swing. To be honest, I LOVE photographing these. It’s a kids first real significant event in their church lives. My friend Missy’s sister, Jen, whom I’ve done lot s of work for in the past, asked me to take some shots of her daughter for her first communion. Here are a few of her amazing images. Jen just emailed me and said how awesome the 16×24 print we had done looked at the party…the gorgeous gold frame we got for it also looked stunning!

You can tell her Aunt is a professional model…no problems with the camera

and again, no problem with direction at all! Even when she had an audience of her neighbors watching
This was the family favorite in the 16×24 print!

I told her to pretend one of the cute boys at school was walking by…she laughed

and a little attitude…very cute