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Engagement Sessions…

Somehow I seem to forget to post engagement sessions…so here is a recent one. Emily is the sister of Julianna who’s wedding was the coldest in my record book. Emily, Steve and I roamed around Tyler Arboretum and got some great shots!

Amanda + Evan’s Lancaster Central Market Engagement Session

First, let me begin by saying that 2011 is the year of more engagement session blogging. My apologies to my awesome couples from 2010 and 2011 who’s engagement sessions haven’t made it on the blog yet! So, Amanda and Evan asked me to take their engagement photos at Lancaster’s Central Market, one of my favorite places to shop. It was a great afternoon and we ventured around Lancaster downtown, I think we got some awesome images. Enjoy!

They needed to get warmed up, so a few veggie purchases helped them relax…

Alleys are cool…

America’s next top model!

This was fun waiting for a group of kids to come running by, I think their teachers thought we were creepers…

Evan likes Amanda’s legs…so here you go

She won…

Isn’t Evan a handsome guy

Deep thoughts

Favorite Wedding Image – Part 5

Only three more to go! Jackie and Mike may have been the coolest, or coldest, engagement session I’ve ever shot. The reason behind the cold engagement session, was that their wedding was going to be in July, and they thought it was going to be really hot.

Before heading on to their favorite, I thought it was worth mentioning the cold engagement session. So on February 4th 2010, Jackie emails me with the following…in reference to their engagement pictures.

“We were thinking it would be nice to take them in the snow, if possible, but we do not want it to be a hassle for you. I know you’ve got kids and snow days are meant for playing. We would never want to intrude upon that. In addition, snow is dangerous for driving. We’d never want for you to have to put yourself at any risk. On top of that, snow is not easy to project and book way in advance. It may be too difficult, which is very understandable, but are we able to call you when they are projecting snow and, if you are available and if we are able to get to where you are so that you do not have to drive, would we be able to take some pictures?”

Mind you, the forecast for that weekend, on the 6th, was for up to 30 inches of snow and eventually a blizzard warning. My response to Jackie’s email was this…”COOL IDEA!” So we hit Ridley Creek State Park with 27 inches of snow up to our thighs…here is just one image from the day before their favorite image…

Their engagement session was cold for sure, but,  as I recall, the wedding wasn’t, and this is their favorite image from the day, and here is why…

“My favorite picture, almost unexplainably is the one below, where Mike and I are dancing at the reception. I guess I like it because I love to see Mike happy and I just think he looks so happy in this shot. I can remember at that moment that nothing in the world besides the two of us mattered. It really captures how we feel about each other. Simple, pure, no frills.” Jackie

Phillies + Engagement Sessions = FUN!

I thought I had connections, but Kendall beats me this time. Thanks to her job at the Philadelphia Zoo, she was able to get us into Citizen’s Bank Park for their engagement session. Thanks to a great intern, Pete, we walked around basically unrestricted. Here are a few of the favorites and a few from FDR Park once we were done in the stadium.

It was so quite in the stadium  that we could actually hear the phone ringing in the bullpen…and NO you don’t have to dial it, it just rings!

Warming up in the pen after the call from the dugout!

Michael has some ups for wearing flip flops!

Empty stadium was almost spooky, but it was cool

You would never know this, but there were four guys standing on home plate testing out the Fox sky camera

And one shot from FDR…what an amazingly beautiful sky

Favorite Engagements from the Summer

Weddings tend to fill a lot of my time and blog posts…but alas, there are lots of engagement sessions along the way. Or, as I like to call them, get to you sessions. This past weekend, for Lauren and AJ’s wedding, we didn’t have an engagement session, and I was nervous. But it all worked out and we had a great time. Here are a few couples from this year’s round of engagement sessions.

Julianna and Ben…what a neat couple and I can’t wait for their wedding. Ben is in Cali now and poor Julianna is stuck back here on the right coast. He was in town and I took an afternoon from vacation to get together with them, we had a great time.

Kristin and Jon’s engagement session happened two days before the wedding! Long story. Anyway, it was great even though it was so close to the wedding. It certainly made us all feel more comfortable the day of the wedding.

And I knew after this was coming from Jon that the wedding was going to be fun!

Michelle and Allan asked for me to visit them in Annapolis and I was so happy to visit a new town. And Michelle enjoyed making their puppy enjoy the photo shoot as well!

If this is any sign of their first dance (which I asked to see) it should be fun!

Funny how a brick wall and a yellow pole can add some jocularity!

Shots at Fred’s Tavern…on the house!

As much as I hated the sand in my…well everything…it was a great stroll on the beach

This was just…hot!

4 Days + 800 Miles + 27 hours = My (long) Weekend

It started with Meredith and Paulo’s wedding in Basking Ridge, NJ, back home, then on to Colleen and Joe’s engagement session in Stone Harbor, NJ, then back home before heading to Annapolis, MD for Michelle and Allan’s engagement session. It was a very long four day stretch with thousands of images taken, but it was AWESOME.

In what has been a crazy, busy, summer there have been lots of great moments and experiences. In the craziness I have neglected to post and of the fun engagement sessions…so stay tuned…they are about to hit the blog!

Check the map…a little crazy

Snow + Fun Couple = Awesome Engagement Session

A few days before the first of two huge snow storms, Jackie emailed me and asked about doing their engagement session in the snow. We made Plan A and Plan B…we ended up with Plan B since there was two feet of snow falling on the first day. The Sunday after, however, was absolutely amazing. Not a cloud in the sky and Jackie and Mike could not have been more fun. Every idea I had, they loved, so we had a blast. Here are a few of my favorites!

Ro - February 23, 2010 - 3:39 PM

good job craig! looks like fun

Reading Terminal Market & Market East Engagement Session

What do you get when it is 19 degrees outside and you have an engagement session scheduled? Think creatively! So when the weather turned bitterly cold for Omar and Jenn’s engagement session, and we didn’t have time to reschedule, I came up with some alternate plans. Since we were heading into Philly anyway, it gave me the opportunity I was waiting for, to shoot some portraits in the Market East SEPTA train station and Reading Terminal Market. Thankfully Omar and Jenn were up to the challenge. Here are my favorites from the day!

Proposal Session


Guys…this is a session to really impress your future wife! You have spent hours at the jeweler picking out a very expensive ring that she will have forever. Wouldn’t it be cool to capture the perfect proposal on something else than a cell phone camera?

If your proposal plan includes a place where we can covertly get the very moment when you propose, we can get amazing images without her ever knowing. If you book SingleExposure Photography for your proposal session and book us to shoot your wedding, you will receive a credit towards your wedding package in the amount of the proposal session!

Contact us at to get more information on this great way to blow her socks off!

Oh yeah…engagement sessions!

Things have been super busy over the past six months…and during that time it was weddings to the max! But there were also some engagement sessions as well. As I shot Kelly and Brian’s wedding on Saturday I reminded them why we did the engagement session. So here are a couple reasons I have my couples make an engagement session a part of their experience with me. First, I get to know you as a couple and why you love each other. My degrees in Psychology definitely come in handy!

Second, I get to learn what your limits are for photography. So back to Kelly and Brian’s wedding, as we are going through their formals, Kelly mentions to me that she wanted it pretty simple…nothing too silly…and I reminded her that we talked about that during the engagement session…so I wasn’t going there with them anyway.

Lastly, and most importantly, you get used to me taking a ton of pictures of you. Now, I have done weddings where there was no engagement session, and things went okay. But the engagement session is more than just some great pictures…it is building the relationship so your wedding day images totally ROCK!

So starting with the most recent…Jane and Alex are getting married next April at DuPont Country Club. And I watched Jane go from a high school freshmen to engaged woman through our church. It makes me feel old to be shooting the first of the youth group kids that my wife and I spent many hours with on trips, Sunday nights, and retreats. So Jane, Alex, and I went over to Longwood Gardens and grabbed these images…enjoy.



Alex was a ton of fun and totally goofy which prompted this fun picture…Alex stalking Jane…kinda like Tarzan stalking Jane!