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Craig Single…husband, parent, brother, son…photographer

I am a professional photographer, member of this and that organization, use digital and film Canon technologies. I have several cameras as backups and backup the files at my office, so your stuff is safe!

Now, I could tell you that I was born with a camera in my hands or that I walked around as a kid with a camera snapping shots any chance I had. That would be a lie. However, as a six year old my Mom made me take painting lessons, then that progressed to taking a watercolor painting class as a nine year old, with thirteen teenage girls…I was not happy.

However, that painting class lead to weekly lessons and I guess along the way I had a camera. My Dad also had a camera on the infrequent family trips. He even loved to tell the story about saving up in his first job to buy an Argus C3 Matchmatic (camera) with Flash…then never bought it because he didn’t want to part with the money. I bought that camera about a year after my Dad passed away…I don’t care as much about parting with my hard-earned money!

Influenced by my art background, but I don’t think of myself as an artist. More important to me as a photographer, are my degrees in psychology. They are the most useful things I have learned in my life. God blessed me with being able to see great images, can’t teach that, so I had to learn something in college!

Over the years I have decided to specialize in family and kid portraits, weddings and the engagement sessions of my couples. I excel at working with children, so that is one of my favorite portraits to take…definitely more fun than corporate stuff! I also love weddings and covering them in my eclectic, documentary style of photography. With each wedding, my main goal with every wedding is to build trust. Engagement sessions are crucial for me to get to know the couple and what is important about their relationship.

Couples don’t hire me just to have a photographer at their wedding, that’s not me. I want to know you, what makes you laugh and cry. I want to know fun things about you, and so you can know a few fun things about me, here are a few fun facts about me…I hope it helps you know who I am and why I should photograph your wedding.

– I wake up every morning because of my love of my wife and two boys

– I cried during Forrest Gump…remember when he puts the letter from little Forrest on Jenny’s grave…that did it…and now add Up to my list…the opening montage got me, especially since my wife is a scrapbooker

– I find myself welling up or crying at more than just Forrest Gump now that I have kids

– I value my faith and it is very important to me and much of what I believe in was taught to me by my youth director, Bennett Williams, thanks Ben!

– I have lots of friends…and LOVE people, I’d be really sad being all alone

– I was born just outside of Chicago and love the Bears and Bulls…but love the Red Sox because I was a catcher in little league and Carlton Fisk rocked!

– I love spending time with my neices and nephews…more so the neices since we only have boys…one of my neices painted my nails over the summer…they looked sweet!

– I will find someone that we both know once we meet…I consider it a challenge!

– I HATE spiders…ask me to talk about the spider at my wedding when we meet and I’ll give you a bonus in your package

– I wasn’t ever afraid of heights until I had kids

– I will someday own a Porsche 944, red with black interior, just like Jake in 16 Candles

– I am the only father involved in my son’s school PTO…yearbook committee was kind of a no brainer there

– I love to cook, not bake, really creative meals for the family and guests

– I grew up in Hershey, PA and can only compare my childhood to the movie Stand By Me…had a great group of guy friends that have all gone in our own direction

– I love trying to figure out a celebrity that people look like…great time passer during receptions!

– I am my wife’s fashion consultant and tend to pick out most of her clothes at the store

There is a lot more about me I could tell you, but you stopped reading after the third bullet point…

Felicia - September 28, 2011 - 12:53 PM

Your work is beautiful! I was just wondering if you are available for our 10/06/12 wedding and your various rates/packages. Thanks :)

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