Monthly Archives: August 2015

Jenna + Joe’s Wedding

So what happens when I get shingles the week of a wedding? I show up to a bride and groom who were so amazingly understanding, and Jenna even had them once before so knew the pain I was experiencing. Thanks to a great photography friend, Erik Matey, we were able to capture the day without a problem! Thanks Erik!

Jenna and Joe had a great day, and now a week later I’m finally back to full working condition and present their slideshow. The weather certainly beat Dana’s day from a few years ago. Enjoy a peek at their day…a week late!:(

Sherri + Matt’s Wedding

What a great day in Philadelphia with Sherri and Matt, thanks to Kristen who only met her about the time of Kristen’s wedding, but encouraged Sherri to consider me! Well, thanks Sherri and Matt for trusting me with your wedding day and for making me a part of a total blast of a day. I was laughing and enjoying myself the entire time!


Great music provided by Adam Haines,, and usual great music by Steve Croce from