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Kendall & Michael’s Loews Philadelphia Wedding

Wow…what a fun day, and amazing couple. It was truly one of my favorites, and being back at the Loew’s was great as well…good memories!! In addition to their totally fun engagement session in Citizen’s Bank Park with no holds barred, their wedding was fun. From the beginning as I got a text from my second photographer, Erik Matey, that the hotel fire alarm was sounding, to being back on the roof of the PSFS building, to all the emotions of the day, I had a great time. Thank you Kendall and Michael for trusting me to capture your day…I hope you enjoy the show….

Life with Kaishon - June 24, 2011 - 2:20 AM

Such a beautiful bride : )
So sweet.
Wishing them a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations.

Danny McGee - June 14, 2011 - 11:47 PM

What a beautiful slide show. Made me misty! You two are ACES and if MizTrish and I could have attended we would have but….ah well sometimes life just takes over. God Bless and love, live and laugh every single day of your lives. Semper Fidelis, Danny & MizTrish

Michelle + Michael’s Concordville Inn Wedding

Michelle and Michael’s wedding was as much fun as their engagement session. Did I mention the motorboating that occurred during their engagement session? Anyway, there was none of that during the wedding that I saw, but we had a great time. It was an honor to witness their day and especially the relationships in their families, specifically with Michelle and her father. Enjoy a snapshot of their day!

Rhys Wheatley - April 1, 2012 - 8:01 PM

Wow, these are beautiful, really nice work!

michelle - June 13, 2011 - 2:55 AM

I love that I can keep looking back at the best day of my life so far and thank you so much for being there! :)

Chester County Food Bank

I had the honor, today, to take some staff portraits, and of a volunteer group at the Chester County Food Bank in Downingtown. Me being there had everything to do with Rev. Phoebe Kitson, a former minister at my church. She had asked me to take some better headshots of the staff, which I did, and also get some shots of the facility. It turned out that there was also a group of volunteers visiting this morning as well (even though their bus driver got lost a couple of time).

I discovered that the CCFB is an amazing organization that I’ll be back at again before too long. It’s also the place that my wife and I have been looking for to volunteer at as a family. They take any aged kids and they have an opportunity for us to volunteer right down the road at Pete’s Produce, who donates acres of land and crops to the organization.

The biggest thing I learned, is that Chester County, where I live, is the 24th wealthiest county in the COUNTRY and if you fenced us all in, we have better agricultural diversity, thus feeding ourselves, than the entire STATE of Iowa! Pretty amazing…enjoy a few images of the Chester County Food Bank, and volunteer if you are so moved.

The volunteer group was tasked with picking California Thistle from the planter beds where CCFB is growing their own spices for later cooked products…

Driving stakes for tomato plants, again for later projects…
an amazing food packaging machine that can seal wrap dozens of meals in a minute, then CCFB can instant freeze them in a HUGE instant freezer
Billed as the largest dyhydrater in Chester county, these are simple fruit roll ups made with…drum roll please…mashed strawberries, and applesauce…that’s it…it tasted better than ANY fruit roll up I’ve ever had
Some of the items the CCFB makes for organizations to grow, then donate the crops
Phoebe getting her volunteer motivation on…
the herb garden, up close
The restaurant quality kitchen for their meal creation…also the largest tilt skillet in Pennsylvania!

a panorama of their storage facility, which was more bare than they would like to see…so if you want to donate here is a reason why