Fuji x100 Pros and Cons for Wedding Photography

Sorry folks for the technical posts of late…some awesome engagement session images are about to be launched! To follow-up my initial post about the new Fuji x100 camera, here are my summaries of it, in terms of Pros and Cons

– files are awesome at ISO up to 6400 and in either JPG or RAW now that Lightroom supports it
– colors are wonderful out of the camera
– white balance is pretty darn good, but I haven’t compared it to any other camera, but it looks pretty good
– it’s darn quiet…in fact essentially silent for practical purposes, which is EXACTLY what I wanted, even better than my missed Voigtlander R3A which of course adds the sounds of the shutter cocking
– viewfinder is perfect, customizable, and bright
– AF is better than I’d expected, and using manual focus is fantastic when combined with the rear focus button which allows AF in manual mode and focuses from macro to infinity!!
– I could go on and on, but that’s enough for now

– battery…sucks big time, but easily solved with an extra battery…in these days of battery technology how they screwed this one up I have no idea
– manual focus ring on the lens is WAY too slow, but feels like it’s a potential firmware item
– the grip could be a little more substantial, but that is a nit, not a complaint

Can’t wait to put it into full use at a wedding, which is the main reason I purchased this camera!

UPDATE: Since the firmware update, I can say it’s almost like a new camera. The little things that bugged me are totally gone…with the exception of the cons listed above. The little things that bugged me were the change of ISO from modes, settings being forgotten after power off, and a few others. But they were little.

Brian Kraft - May 16, 2012 - 4:10 PM

I gave the X100 a go for a wedding and got these results. It was a challenge, but really fun too. http://www.briankraft.com/Blog/weddings/wedding-photography-fuji-x100/

Kevin Mullins - August 17, 2011 - 8:06 PM

Great little review. I’ve been using mine for weddings for the past month and it has revolutionised the way I work.

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