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Favorite Wedding Image – Part 5

Only three more to go! Jackie and Mike may have been the coolest, or coldest, engagement session I’ve ever shot. The reason behind the cold engagement session, was that their wedding was going to be in July, and they thought it was going to be really hot.

Before heading on to their favorite, I thought it was worth mentioning the cold engagement session. So on February 4th 2010, Jackie emails me with the following…in reference to their engagement pictures.

“We were thinking it would be nice to take them in the snow, if possible, but we do not want it to be a hassle for you. I know you’ve got kids and snow days are meant for playing. We would never want to intrude upon that. In addition, snow is dangerous for driving. We’d never want for you to have to put yourself at any risk. On top of that, snow is not easy to project and book way in advance. It may be too difficult, which is very understandable, but are we able to call you when they are projecting snow and, if you are available and if we are able to get to where you are so that you do not have to drive, would we be able to take some pictures?”

Mind you, the forecast for that weekend, on the 6th, was for up to 30 inches of snow and eventually a blizzard warning. My response to Jackie’s email was this…”COOL IDEA!” So we hit Ridley Creek State Park with 27 inches of snow up to our thighs…here is just one image from the day before their favorite image…

Their engagement session was cold for sure, but,  as I recall, the wedding wasn’t, and this is their favorite image from the day, and here is why…

“My favorite picture, almost unexplainably is the one below, where Mike and I are dancing at the reception. I guess I like it because I love to see Mike happy and I just think he looks so happy in this shot. I can remember at that moment that nothing in the world besides the two of us mattered. It really captures how we feel about each other. Simple, pure, no frills.” Jackie