Monthly Archives: March 2011

Favorite Wedding Image – Part 4

Wow, where has the time gone? I have been reflecting on a year of work after a busy stretch in the winter, ending back on January 22nd. My time away from the camera is a time to review, reflect, and rethink who I am as a photographer and how I can make amazing images. One image I felt was great from last year is the one that Matt and Megan picked as their favorite.

I learned from some photographer along the way, I believe it was Huy Nguyen, that a good photographer gets the safe shot first, then the creative one, a great photographer gets the creative shot first, then the safe one. I don’t believe I’m great, but this image was pretty good. Here is how Matt and Megan described their choice…

“This was our favorite photo because when we looked at it, it was like a frozen moment from our big day. We loved how everyone was un-posed and doing their own thing, but the picture ended up looking gorgous. It was great to see this seemingly uneventful moment take center stage amongst the rest of our wedding photos.”

So here it is…we were on our way to take the formals of the group, and as I normally do, walked backwards waiting for something like this. For me, it’s about the flower girl looking at Megan.