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Favorite Wedding Image – Part 3

On to #3! Lauren and AJ. Lauren contacted me not that long before their wedding. We chatted on the phone at length, since they were living in DC at the time. We exchanged emails, and finally they decided to have me photograph their wedding. As it turned out, we never met face-to-face before the wedding, so I was making sure I would arrive early. I get the most nervous before weddings where I haven’t met the bride or groom, this was one of those for sure!

So, just as I was about to leave, Lauren called and said the boys were running late. No big deal, so I headed over to where she was getting ready. Since the boys were running late, we had to change our plans for bridal party photos, and fortunately I remembered a great place on the way to the ceremony. Overall, the entire day was awesome and I had a blast, even though I was nervous. So, when I asked Lauren and AJ, what their favorite image was, I was a little surprised actually. But, I vividly remember getting the image.

This from Lauren, “My favorite picture is my cousin looking through the heart shaped ice
sculpture. I think this picture is amazing because you were able to capture the essence of love and my cousin admiring a piece of artwork. I love how perfect the lighting is which illuminates her beautiful face. When I look at this picture a sense of innocence comes over me.  It is a really pretty picture. It is wonderful that you can capture moments like that.”

As I saw her and her siblings approaching the table, I noticed that if I was on my tip-toes I’d be able to see her face from the stairwell just behind the sculpture. I barely was able to see her face, but the lighting was perfect. I snapped two images, and this one was perfect.