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Julianna + Ben’s Merion Cricket Club Wedding

Julianna and her parents met with me a while ago, because Ben was already working in their new home, San Diego, CA. On such a cold day, I’m jealous of the weather there right now! It was the first time for me to shoot a wedding in Proclamation Presbyterian as well as Merion Cricket Club. Both were amazing, and although it was in the teens most of the day, both Julianna and Ben were totally up for anything! It was awesome…enjoy a snapshot of their day.

Facebook Photo Album Link (see who you know from Juliann & Ben’s wedding)

Other professionals I worked with at Juliann & Ben’s wedding!

DJ – Silver Sound
Florist – Melinda Morils
Church – Proclamation Presbyterian
Reception – Merion Cricket Club

Favorite Wedding Image – Part 2

And now couple number 2! Jenn and Omar were fun from the first time I met them. When Omar told me how he proposed I WANTED to photograph their wedding. I’m sure you are curious, he had his family visiting and then got his, and Jenn’s family, to wear t-shirts that spelled out will you marry me!

Their wedding day was crazy windy and rainy. In fact, when we arrived at the reception, the sculpture garden at the location had been wiped out by the wind. Sculptures were blown over, it was nuts! When we were wrapping up pictures in the church I realized that when the front door opened, the wind was just strong enough to blow Jenn’s hair. While we weren’t able to go outside for any pictures, this image felt, to me, like it was a beautiful day with a gentle wind! Even though the shadow of the pew drives me nuts…it’s the picture Omar and Jenn selected.

And in their words…”I feel like this picture symbolizes our wedding day the most. Even though it was extremely windy and rainy, we did not let the weather put a damper on our day. This picture reminds us of exactly how windy it was not only outside, but inside as well. It looks as if we had a fan in front of us! The weather we experienced on our wedding day is a brides worst nightmare; however, I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. Despite the weather, we never once took a smile off our faces. We absolutely love this photo. Thanks for photographing our special day :)”

Charly + Matt’s Radnor Hotel Wedding

After a while blogging about weddings sometimes they start to sound the same. Not this time. Charly and Matt were referred to me by my college roommate, Mike, as well as Meghan and Luke, who’s wedding I photographed back in 2009. Most of my interactions for the wedding went through Charly’s sister, Linda, until their engagement session. It was then, that I met a couple who was truly in love (not that all of my couples aren’t) and it has been awesome to get to know them better (especially after originally mispronouncing Charly’s name!). Their day was fast-paced and a total blast, lots of fun things I didn’t even expect…enjoy the show!

Facebook Photo Album Link (see who you know from Charly & Matt’s wedding)

Other professionals I worked with at Charly and Matt’s wedding!

DJ – Untouchables Entertainment Group – Greg Schubert
Florist – Pam Hale
Church – Our Lady of Fatima
Reception – Radnor Hotel

Angela and Sam Coniglio - January 16, 2011 - 9:27 PM

WE had a great time at your wedding. We love you and hope the best for you. Thanks for sharing these Pictures. My mom got to see them too. She loved them. Best Wishes and Congratulations.

Love Aunt Angie and Uncle Sam

Best of 2010!

It was hard to decide out of 2,842 slideshow images from 2010, but I finally got it narrowed down…still a lot of images.

Wait for it…wait for it…takes a while to load because of all the awesome images 😉

Favorite Wedding Image – Part 1

Each year I select my favorites from each wedding and put them up for a contest…that’s coming. This year I decided to ask each couple if they had a favorite, if they hadn’t already told me. So, the first couple that responded (I was nervous about not getting responses!) was Aileen and Nick.

They came to me thanks to Sarah, who’s father happened to be a retired wedding photographer. I distinctly remember meeting them and Nick asking me if I’d make him look good. He was certainly the first groom to ask me that and I assured him I would.

So the question I asked Aileen and Nick, along with all my couples, was, “did you have ONE favorite image and why was it your favorite.”

“It was so hard to narrow down but the image Nick and I picked is this one…

The way that Nick and I are looking at each other in this photo took us right back to the moment when we first fell in love, the moment we chose each other to journey though life, and the moment we realized that each day was another chance to fall in love again.

Only Love is real.”

Thanks Aileen and Nick for making me a part of your day and sharing your favorite!

More to come!

Where to meet?

Today I was at Barnes and Noble and was browsing the magazine section near the coffee shop. It was a very busy day there, noisy, crowded. I noticed a couple meeting with a prospective wedding photographer. This is what I used to do on a regular basis, mainly because I had no where else really good to meet with couples.

Now that I have my meeting space in town I would never go back…unless of course the couple was from far away and wanted to meet in person, then of course a place in the middle will help both of us!

But, seeing the meeting taking place, made me realize that it is so distracting. Certainly to me. I want to talk, and learn about each couple and not be worried about being distracted by other people…or worse having my couple distracted! Anyway, just an observation and a way to let you know how I like to work with couples.

My lovely meeting space…I love it!

Dana Murray - September 30, 2011 - 3:24 PM

Love the black and white photo and album on the wall! Cute couple :)

Maria + Steve’s New Years Eve Wedding

Maria was a bridesmaid for Nicole and John’s wedding in 2009 and thanks to her experience seeing me work, she contacted me about her wedding. I had never photographed a New Years Eve wedding and was up for it since I normally don’t make it to midnight anyway! The day could not have been better, for one it warmed up, had a lovely layer of snow, and it all went as planned. Enjoy a small look at their day…