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Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

This is something different from the norm, but thought I’d share it. It was a long night and I can barely keep my head up I’m so tired, but I always enjoy this type of photography as a diversion. If you a really like the image, you can download a high resolution copy with a $5 donation to my favorite local non-profit, the Chester County Migrant Ministry, click HERE to purchase with the donation.

Suzanne + Shane’s Chester Valley Wedding

Suzanne and Shane booked me as their wedding photographer well over 18 months ago. They came to me thanks to, yet again, Heather Orth, who’s Mom works with Suzanne’s Mom…very small world. It also turned out that Suzanne and Shane were at CalTech in grad school and were very close to one of Suzanne’s high school classmates from back in West Chester, who went to our church and we know well. Enough of that…the wedding was a bit cool, but it felt great to me after a long hot summer. Their day couldn’t have been more perfect, including Shane’s iPhone groom’s cake! Enjoy the show…

My favorites from the day…

I learned a long time ago, that you always need to be ready for a shot. In most cases, I am looking for the image that is in between the images you know I am making…like this. We had a lovely posed shot, then I let them lose, and real smiles happen.

Ouch…Suzanne’s Mom’s bracelet was a little tight me thinks…

Shane wasn’t allowed to be photographed using his iPhone…or use it technically…but the groomsmen were permitted

It was so natural for them…very cute

My favorite return from the old days in 2010…the groom’s cake

I have to ask Suzanne if she was nervous…anxious, or what…but a nice moment none-the-less

The one toast that almost made me cry in 2010. Shane’s brother’s toast was very moving, without trying to be…obviously moved their Mom

This groomsmen found out that his grandfather passed away right before the reception. There was an amazing moment right as we were heading into the reception, that the groomsmen headed down for a group hug with him. I decided to respect their privacy and burned that image in my mind. Maybe I should have taken the picture…

Grandpa was awesome all day…snapping away

I don’t know what Shane and his brother were talking about. It lasted a few minutes, then this embrace

Yeah, group shots of college friends are great from straight on, but isn’t this far more fun?

stealth mode near the end of the night