Lauren + AJ’s Meredith Manor Wedding

Lauren and AJ were one of my couples that booked everything over the phone and I was feeling nervous heading to the wedding since we never had met. Since a funeral processing held up the guys arriving, we ended up going with plan B for prewedding formals and I got to hang out at Lauren’s maid of honor’s house for a while before we took off. That made me feel much more at ease and thanks to my photographic memory I remembered a great location on the way to Meredith Manor. So, enjoy their day…I certainly had a blast.

After reflecting on Lauren and AJ’s day, here are some of my favorite images…

This was just amazing light as the sun was setting…no flash or anything, just the reflection of the sun off a bright white gazebo

Laughter is better than smiles in my opinion, and the ladies were just being silly

Bond…James Bond…

Thought this was the cutest way a bride ever held a father’s hand

I didn’t prompt this at all, nice touch Lauren and AJ, especially AJ’s foot

Right place…and paying attention to everything going on around me

Lauren is a brave woman, red white right out of the bottle!

Me - February 20, 2012 - 12:35 AM

For what reason are you looking to use the images?

Stacey Westley - January 9, 2012 - 3:04 AM

I am interested in learning more regarding your pricing as well as this bride’s contact information. I would love to speak with her regarding her wedding at Meredith Manor as well as her photography. I love the pictures! Looking forward to hearing back! Hope she is willing to share her experience with me!

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