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Voted #1 Wedding Photographer in Philadelphia

I have been named as the #1 wedding photographer in the Philadelphia area by I am so thankful for all my loyal clients who got the vote out for me! I am  very, very excited ! Take a look at my winning listing HERE.

And recent news, I have been picked as a 2010 Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice!
Check out my profile on Wedding Wire HERE and leave your own review and comments!



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Favorite Engagements from the Summer

Weddings tend to fill a lot of my time and blog posts…but alas, there are lots of engagement sessions along the way. Or, as I like to call them, get to you sessions. This past weekend, for Lauren and AJ’s wedding, we didn’t have an engagement session, and I was nervous. But it all worked out and we had a great time. Here are a few couples from this year’s round of engagement sessions.

Julianna and Ben…what a neat couple and I can’t wait for their wedding. Ben is in Cali now and poor Julianna is stuck back here on the right coast. He was in town and I took an afternoon from vacation to get together with them, we had a great time.

Kristin and Jon’s engagement session happened two days before the wedding! Long story. Anyway, it was great even though it was so close to the wedding. It certainly made us all feel more comfortable the day of the wedding.

And I knew after this was coming from Jon that the wedding was going to be fun!

Michelle and Allan asked for me to visit them in Annapolis and I was so happy to visit a new town. And Michelle enjoyed making their puppy enjoy the photo shoot as well!

If this is any sign of their first dance (which I asked to see) it should be fun!

Funny how a brick wall and a yellow pole can add some jocularity!

Shots at Fred’s Tavern…on the house!

As much as I hated the sand in my…well everything…it was a great stroll on the beach

This was just…hot!

Megan + Phil’s Ocean City Wedding

I spent two hours getting to know Megan and Phil during an awesome engagement session a couple months ago. Everything I expected of their wedding from that session, was dead on. What a relaxed and fun wedding combined with a laid back couple! The weather was stunning as well, so we could not have asked for anything more! Enjoy a snapshot of their day!

It was a gorgeous day on the beach and Megan’s two wedding dresses was a first for me

A casual stroll on the beach after the ceremony

Dress number two…love the lines on Megan!

Beach weddings certainly pose interesting dressing rooms…

It was hard to show in any other image, but this was a great surprise from Phil to Megan, the entire beach loved it!

Megan and her friend played organized women’s football this year and this is the Heisman pose!

Fun moment during the reception, the ring bearer decided to plop down and watch the band, so Megan joined

I’m pretty sure Megan could kick my butt in a fight…she has guns! Spinning this flower girl was a piece of cake for her

Colleen + Joe’s Wedding

Colleen and Joe have been a great couple to work with over the past few months. We had an amazing engagement session at one of the favorite places on earth, Stone Harbor (I’m actually wearing my Stone Harbor t-shirt as I type this) and their wedding was filled with special touches. What struck me most, was Joe’s best man, who had to be deployed to Pakistan, was able to be called into the reception and give a toast. Very moving…enjoy a snapshot of their day, including the guys’ boxers!

Wow, lots of great moments from this wedding, it’s hard to pick just a few…here goes…

Great light, cute moment…as I always do, we finished the formals with just Colleen and Joe, and one of their first moments along since the day began!

I really love the new idea of sending notes to each other before the wedding…

I believe the conversation was about shots before the ceremony…Colleen was a little shocked if I remember right

It’s like opening a present…

Wooo hooo!

Receiving lines (although they can take a while) are great to get great moments of celebration with special guests…

I wish this was popular when I got married, love the fun socks!

Umm, how to explain this…it all started with the groomsman with the blue and white striped boxers, he dropped his pants…I had nothing to do with that, however I did encourage the unified trouser drop!

Joe’s best man (original best man) was shipped out for military service before the wedding, but Colleen coordinated having him call into the reception and the DJ hooked him up to the speakers…it was awesome

And this was how Joe reacted to hearing his best man’s voice…

Joanne Labik - October 15, 2010 - 5:46 PM

I keep going back to the pictures of Joey and Colleen’s wedding. Each time I noticed something different. My new daughter Colleen is as beautiful in the inside as she is on the outside! Our family is so blessed!

Lottie Bunzel - October 8, 2010 - 9:39 PM

I look at this picture album so many times. It brings back all the memories of such a great day. So many special friends and family were there to share our joy that day. Hal and I welcomed a new son to the family. What a celebration! Thank you!

Colleen Labik - September 11, 2010 - 8:54 PM

I can’t get through this without crying! Our day is perfectly captured in these photos. We cannot thank you enough for these.

Matt & Megan’s King of Prussia Wedding

Matt and Megan had a perfect wedding day over the Labor Day weekend. It was a blast to see fire trucks at a wedding, a huge spider, and a Penn State wedding cake…and Penn State won their opening football game! Enjoy their day!

What a busy September, now just finally getting to my favorite moments of the day…

Ah…Penn State women! Not only did we have a blast taking some images in the bar, but we had to make sure the Penn State game was on…perhaps the last time they won this season!

Communion is one of the best parts of Catholic services…the interaction with the couple and the guests is great…just need to be patient!

This is a HUGE spider that the bridal party could see from 15 feet away!

Really looked like a starry night on the dance floor…

Best man’s toast was great, touching, and I thought a little rim lighting was poignant!

I can’t tell if she was grossed out or found it hilarious!

Sometimes guests being camera aware can be funny…I believe this image got more comments on Facebook than any other!