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Budding Assistant

Last weekend I helped capture the 100th anniversary of our summer lake chapel. It was a great picnic put together by my father-in-law and one of his colleagues on the church board. There were some neat historical tidbits and stories from some of the more elder members. During the event my oldest son wanted to capture some images and he did a great job! I even gave him a lesson in capturing moments…he gets it perfectly. I can’t wait until he can assist me on a wedding in the not too distant future.

As you can see, he has the proper technique down pat! He even uses the back button to focus…that was a big change for him.

What a beauty of a day

What a gorgeous day!

4 Days + 800 Miles + 27 hours = My (long) Weekend

It started with Meredith and Paulo’s wedding in Basking Ridge, NJ, back home, then on to Colleen and Joe’s engagement session in Stone Harbor, NJ, then back home before heading to Annapolis, MD for Michelle and Allan’s engagement session. It was a very long four day stretch with thousands of images taken, but it was AWESOME.

In what has been a crazy, busy, summer there have been lots of great moments and experiences. In the craziness I have neglected to post and of the fun engagement sessions…so stay tuned…they are about to hit the blog!

Check the map…a little crazy

Meredith + Paulo’s Morristown, NJ Wedding

Meredith and Paulo’s wedding represented two great things for me this summer. First, was the first wedding ALL summer that wasn’t well over 90 degrees! Second, it was the last in the row of eight extremely busy weeks of weddings. I love photographing weddings but a few weeks off will be a nice opportunity to reflect on my work so far, relax with my family, and become a better photographer as a result!

Meredith and Paulo came to me thanks to my friend Vicki Gansner and it was fun to have Vicki and her whole family as guests at the wedding. Meredith and Paulo were so relaxed and it made the long day go by in a flash. Here is a snapshot of their day, enjoy…

Quick turn around of my favorites this time…

Meredith proclaimed herself as a “Daddy’s girl” and loved her attention to detail to make sure he looked perfect

Paulo wanted to check out every angle…

Hi everyone!

Our little ring bearer didn’t stand still much of the day, but this time he did

I still have to ask Meredith what she was looking at during this…obviously not paying attention

Now THAT is a hug! Mothers of the bride and groom

Elation…part ceremony being over and the fun bag piper!

No idea what was going on, blurry a little, but cracked me up

Wow a moment to themselves…with everyone watching

And here is everyone that was watching Paulo and his Mom…

One of their last dances…love it!