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Andrea & Shaun’s Perfect Wedding Day

Andrea and Shaun, fellow WCU graduates, found me on the internet a long time ago, and trusted me, and me alone, to capture their amazing day. The weather was just perfect and we had a total blast. I was honestly a bit nervous since it has been a while since I shot a wedding on my own, but it all went perfectly. Here is a snapshot of their day!

Here are my few favorites from the day…

I don’t set-up shots…period…this just happened and a little comment from my spurred the laughter…great!

Their flower girl was enamored with Andrea all day, and I noticed it from this very first shot I got of Andrea that day…and as you saw in the other post she gave it a thumbs up!

You wonder what they are looking at don’t you? You might think a naked person, a zebra…nope just the largest limo EVER! It was a surprise!

One of my favorite times during the day…bridal party pictures are finished, and now just a moment for the couple…

chad - June 17, 2010 - 10:45 PM

Can’t wait to see them all

Great Moments

I try to define my work by capturing amazing moments and memories throughout a wedding day. On Saturday there was one of those moments that seemed to move in slow motion. As the bride, Andrea, was processing with her father to meet the groom, Shaun, the flower girl shot her the thumbs up! Now, it wasn’t luck at all that helped me get the shot.

What got me the shot was watching everyone from the time I started photographing Andrea and the girls two hours before the ceremony. The first think I noticed when walking into Andrea’s room was the flower girl watching, in awe, as Andrea was getting ready. The look on her face continued as the day progressed. She was clearly enthralled with how beautiful Andrea looked in her wedding dress.

So, of course, I was watching that little flower girl all day, waiting for THAT moment, and in a span of about a second and a half, it happened. I grabbed my camera, and got this…

No, it isn’t perfect, photographically speaking, and I’d change a thing or two if I could time travel. But, sometimes, the moment is the most important thing and a flaw or two can be excused for the sake of a neat moment!

Mommy’s Day

Well, Sunday the boys and I did our best to treat the most important lady in our lives as best we could. Starting with our tradition of serving her breakfast and presents in bed.

After church we had a nice visit to Longwood Gardens followed by a nice dinner out. Our Moms deserve a lot of praise and thanks to my wife for supporting me while i take pictures of pretty brides on the weekends!

And of course congrats to all my wedding couples celebrating their first Mother’s Day.

PS I am having fun posting this from our new iPad…

We started the day before by giving her a couple new plants that the boys selected and picked where to plant them.

Then on to Longwood

All shot with a super fun, portable, Canon S90 camera, great choice for a point and shoot.

Phillies Batting Practice

This year has been kind of slow in the Spring but that has allowed lots of family time. Thanks to a good friend, Scott, I have been connected to a great guy that works for the Phillies. He totally hooked me up with a huge favor and treated Andrew and I to watch Phillies batting practice from behind home plate. I don’t think Andrew’s mouth ever closed and I was excited as well.

The boys apparently checking out a bat…

The wide view…

Not a Phillie, but one of the greatest hitters of all time…

My future major leaguer! Or if he becomes what he wants to be, a sports photographer!