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Jenn & Omar’s Wedding

Jenn and Omar may have had a windy, extremely rainy, day, but at least the best part was that if it had been colder we would have had 7 feet of snow! We all easily survived a bit of rain and took advantage of great locations and everyone’s positive attitude about the day. Here is a snapshot of their day followed by a couple of my favorites from the day.

Rainy days at weddings are certainly a challenge, but I love finding locations that others may miss, and in this case, gave Jenn & Omar their first quiet moment of the day.

Why is Jenn’s hair blowing inside? Because the front door was open over 50 feet away and not only was it blowing, but it was raining inside!

This cracked me up…Dad said not to take that picture, but perhaps the last time Jenn can easily ask for money from Dad!

Omar’s family is from Peru, and the expression on his Dad’s face of seeing Jenn walking down the aisle was awesome.

Yeah it is okay to laugh and have fun during communion…I had to sneak this shot

Caught this little moment in the bridal suite…

This was a first, a “stripper”, clown, and their college mascot…long story, but the best man’s toast was a first for me.

Restrooms aren’t just for…well you know…restful moment.

This moment was shielded for me, but another reason to have a second photographer…thanks Heather for catching Dad’s reaction to Mother and Son dancing.

Aunt Pat - May 2, 2010 - 5:23 PM

This was a great wedding! and the pictures are even better. I hope you both will be as happy forever as you were on that day. I Love You both..Always,Aunt Pat