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Snow + Fun Couple = Awesome Engagement Session

A few days before the first of two huge snow storms, Jackie emailed me and asked about doing their engagement session in the snow. We made Plan A and Plan B…we ended up with Plan B since there was two feet of snow falling on the first day. The Sunday after, however, was absolutely amazing. Not a cloud in the sky and Jackie and Mike could not have been more fun. Every idea I had, they loved, so we had a blast. Here are a few of my favorites!

Ro - February 23, 2010 - 3:39 PM

good job craig! looks like fun

Best of 2009 Results – Part 3 THE WINNER

And…drum roll please…the winner is Bridget and Jeramie! With a ridiculous percentage of the votes, almost 30%! They ran away with the voting and thanks to the rain on their wedding day that made this image possible! Thanks again to everyone that voted, all my amazing couples from 2009! I am looking forward to 2010 even more now!

Best of 2009 Results – Part 2

So, part two of the contest! Third place goes to Heather and Mark. It was a hot and humid day, but the girls cooperated and had a great time working with my vision of this image.

Second place, is a great look that is well-deserved of second place, Kelly and Brian. While this was during the first dance, they had this look for each other all day long. I enjoyed catching those little glances as the day went on!

Best of 2009 Results – Part 1

I can’t believe the number of people who visited my first Best Of contest! There were over 60o votes over the few weeks of the contest and there were some clear favorites! So, first, thank you to all that voted and encouraged others to vote.  I personally feel every image was a favorite of mine from the year, and there are many more coming with the 2009 Best Of Slideshow in the next week.

As for the contest winners, I am going to drag this out over today and tomorrow! First up, I am creating a fourth place prize, a $50 Visa Gift Card, because there was only ONE vote between fourth and third place! I couldn’t believe that with over 600 votes it came down to ONE vote for this.

So, fourth place, a really fun couple and moment from their wedding (for me at least) is from Meghan and Luke’s wedding. Thanks Meghan and Luke for trusting me to take you into a bathroom to take this image!

Next up, tomorrow morning, is second and third place, then the grand prize winner will be announced tomorrow evening!

Reading Terminal Market & Market East Engagement Session

What do you get when it is 19 degrees outside and you have an engagement session scheduled? Think creatively! So when the weather turned bitterly cold for Omar and Jenn’s engagement session, and we didn’t have time to reschedule, I came up with some alternate plans. Since we were heading into Philly anyway, it gave me the opportunity I was waiting for, to shoot some portraits in the Market East SEPTA train station and Reading Terminal Market. Thankfully Omar and Jenn were up to the challenge. Here are my favorites from the day!