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Nicole & John’s Ballroom at the Ben Wedding

Nicole and John’s wedding was the last big wedding of the year for me. Although the weather wasn’t perfect, it held out well enough and we all had a great time. Erik Matey and Issy Schmid joined me to shoot their wedding at Villanova Chapel then the reception at Ballroom at the Ben. In between we spent some time in the city getting some fun shots. Here is a snapshot of their day…enjoy and see you all in 2010!!!

A year of stories…

For the next few weeks I’ll be telling some stories, one from each wedding from the year. Not necessarily going in order, but stories that touched me from each wedding I shot in 2009. I still have two to go this year, and I am sure they have a story in store as well. The first one is from Megan and David’s wedding back in February. It was extremely cold but a great day overall and a moment that helps to describe an important part of what I want from my couples.

The story is from this image…


This is Megan’s mom dancing during what seemed, at the time, a fun little dance they family did. Then a day or two after the wedding I got this email from Megan’s sister, Emma. Instead of paraphrasing here is her email to me.


You’re the greatest!  I’m not sure if anyone told you the background story of our ABBA dance?  My Mom worked late on Friday nights when we were all young children and my Dad used to let us stay up late with him and dance to ABBA songs (chiquitita was our favorite) in the living room.  When she would pull in the driveway, he would rush us upstairs and we would pretend to be asleep when she came into to kiss us goodnight.  That was a very special dance for us because it was our first time dancing to it (a) in public and (b) with our Mom.

Please let us know if their is anything we can do to share the wonderful experience we had with you and your staff with prospective clients of yours.  You get our highest recommendation!  Thank you so much again for truly capturing the magic of that weekend.  You are extraordinarily talented and your easy going nature made us feel comfortable inviting you into our private family moments.

A Million Thanks,

One of my goals with every couple, in addition to getting to know them, is to have their trust. To be comfortable with me and like Emma said, I want capture private family moments and not seem out of place. So when I was able to get in the middle of their family circle while this dance was going on and capture their mom’s glee in being part of the dance it was a special moment from the year. Thank you Megan and David…and Emma for telling me the story!

THE Wedding Photographer Question to Ask

This is the time of year that I meet with lots of brides and grooms about their wedding. I get lots and lots of questions that I expect. Not much surprises me when it comes to questions. One I don’t get asked, mainly because the magazines don’t have it listed, is “why do you shoot weddings?” I think that is an important question to ask. Here is my version of the answer.

I don’t shoot 40 plus weddings a year so I can make tons and tons of money. I shoot about 15 weddings a year because I like to get to know every couple. You won’t just be a number in my year, you will be a couple that has chosen to work with me.

I don’t think I am some rock star wedding photographer with a huge ego. On your wedding day I am working for you and capture everything you want throughout the day. However, I am capturing the day as I see it, which is what you have seen in the images on the blog and the website. I do think my images are pretty good though!

I don’t only shoot weddings. I am a professional photographer by choice and I only shoot weddings and the engagement sessions that go along with each wedding. I also work at a college and get to stay connected with what is cool with my future brides! Recently, I made a decision to focus only on weddings because I love weddings.

So there is an idea of why I shoot weddings. I simply think they are a ton of fun. All that being said, 2010 is booking up pretty fast, only a few more to go for me.

Proposal Session


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