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Lauren & Josh’s Backyard Wedding

Lauren and Josh asked me to be a part of their simple backyard wedding…and if you ask me it was way beyond simple! It was extremely well done and certainly the best (okay only) backyard wedding I have ever shot. Here are a couple of my favorites, and click HERE for the SLIDESHOW of their wedding day…

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[…] best (okay only) backyard wedding I have ever shot. Here are a couple of my favorites, and click HERE for the SLIDESHOW of their wedding […]

Two Awesome Things!

First, and most important, we have been named as the #1 wedding photgrapher in the Philadelphia area by We are so thankful for all our loyal clients who got the vote out for us! We are very, very excited and will be announcing our own contest winners early next week! Take a look at our winning listing HERE.

And the great badge of honor we get to hold onto for the next year!

Check us out!
Second, and equally exciting, we have a new gallery and meeting space in downtown West Chester in the building that was once with childhood home of the composer Samuel Barber. Hopefully some of his creative energy will be transferred! It is located at 107 S. Church Street, and hopefully many of you will see it before too long! Until then here is a little shot of it!


Why I photograph weddings…

The answer is simple…I love people and chaos! For those that know about the MBTI, I am a big people person, ENTP to be exact. I might get physically worn out by the end of a wedding, I am totally energized by all the people. Weddings actually help me recharge my battery. Meeting new people and making connections is just a total blast. I even realized that weddings was were I wanted to focus my attention. So I dropped my marketing for family or senior portraits…still do them for people I know…but my focus is on weddings and my couples.

For me the wedding experience starts with the initial client meeting. I want to get a good vibe from the couples I book. I am a romantic, truly in love with my wife, and I love seeing that in other couples. A wedding is about love…not convenience. Once we are booked then spending time during an engagement shoot is my time to learn more about your relationship. Having degrees in Psychology helps me to ask the right questions…probe a little…and learn about you and what is important to you and why you are getting married.

Then it is on to the chaos of the wedding day. Someone once asked me about being nervous as the photographer for the couple’s most important day of their life…wasn’t I worried about messing something up or missing something. Nope! Never crosses my mind in fact…I get an excited nervous on the way to the wedding, but once I’m there I am in my element. I love being a calming influence on a hectic and chaotic day. To me it goes in slow motion and I can anticipate moments and opportunities for great images.

So that is why I shoot weddings…another post next week will explore more about why I love the engagement sessions and why it should be important to you as well!

Maura & Chris’ Desmond Hotel Wedding

Maura and Chris were concerned about the rain on Monday, after some emails, voicemail, and conversations we decided on indoor locations as backups, and the best outdoor location for pictures. Now, I wasn’t at all concerned about the weather that far out from their big day…and it worked out pretty well. I believe the weather was 72 and totally sunny! It was one of those weddings that drew me in emotionally and to see tears throughout the day it wasn’t hard to see the love for each other and in their families.

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Adrienne & Marc’s Philadelphia Wedding

Adrienne and Marc had a bleak forecast with a tropical storm lingering off the coast but the beauty of having the entire event at the Racquet Club payed off! Their engagement session was one of my favorites of the year, wandering around Villanova University, and their wedding day as awesome as well. The only downside was for me as I left in a torrential downpour on the 50 foot walk to the parking garage…regardless here is the story of their day.

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Brittany + Heather shoot Amy & Jeff’s Stone Harbour wedding

Well Amy contacted me a while back and, long story short, ended up having Brittany shoot her wedding with the help of Heather. While Brittany may have been a little nervous, after shooting well over 25 weddings as my assistant, she and Heather knocked it out of the park for Amy and Jeff. The day was perfect for Amy and Jeff and the rain held out until the reception so it was perfect for everyone! Here is the story of their day as told by my normal assistant photographers Brittany and Heather!

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