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Bridget & Jeramie’s Lake Mohawk Wedding

Long story short…Bridget was referred by Erin Moran (which Kate is shooting her wedding in October) and it just so happened that Bridget and Jeramie were from just down the road from our lake house! The long story will come later…for now here is a snapshot of their day at the Lake Mohawk Country Club in Sparta, NJ!

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Sarah & Mike’s Mendenhall Wedding

Very long story short…Sarah and Mike’s wedding was captured by my good friend David Zaveloff and he was joined by a friend of ours, Bart Breslow. The end of the story is that Dave and Bart captured and amazingly fun wedding. Enjoy their work and Sarah and Mike’s day…

Why to have a second photographer…

As my clients already know…I always have a second photographer with me at every wedding. Yes, it does add some extra costs to the package in the long run but the benefits are ones that go on and on! So if you are still considering photographers here is one reason you should insist on having a second photographer at your wedding.

1. Because weddings are crazy busy and no one person can catch everything…but two can certainly get a lot more.

2. If you and your future spouse are getting ready at two different locations the photographers can split up and cover even more. Now not every photographer will send the photographers to two separate locations, but we certainly will go where you need us.

3. During formals and bridal images the second photographer can head to the reception and get details and your guests having a great time at the cocktail hour.

4. And the reason I am posting this information about a second photographer is that two angles are better than one. Here is a great example of how Brittany was able to get the perfect angle on a great moment during the garter tradition.


This image totally cracked me up…and the two in the image as well. Both loved it as soon as they saw it on the slideshow and on Facebook. So, while it may add to your overall costs to your photography it is well worth the investment.

Heather & Mark’s wedding…

So if you can follow this…Heather’s Dad hired my wife at Brandywine Wallace, at the same time as he hired Jamie, one of Liz’s great friends. Heather was a bridesmaid in Nicki’s wedding three years ago (on this August 11th) at Cairnwood. So apparently I impressed Heather enough to have her and Mark make sure I was available for their wedding this year! I think they booked me 18 months ago!

Anyway there day was fantastic and we have a ton of fun! After a beautiful ceremony at Sts Simon & Jude we stopped over at Westtown School for some fun formals and then off to Mendenall Inn for the reception. Here is a snapshot of their day…

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Ken & Tanya - August 21, 2009 - 7:50 PM

We our so Happy to be apart of your Special Day(That Feels Like It Last 10 Minutes) Have Fun and enjoy your FREE TIME. Love & Best Wishes
Great Slide Show If I get remarried I’ll Call Them

Marty and Anita - August 3, 2009 - 8:45 PM

Congratulations and what a beautiful wedding day! Perfectly done and we were honored to be a part of the occassion. Best Wishes.

Ro - August 2, 2009 - 1:27 PM

nice job! beautiful bride :)

Sarah & Josh’s beautiful wedding day!

Sarah and Josh had a beautiful day…minus a hurricane like storm blowing through before the ceremony. Like I told Sarah’s Mom, rain is a four letter word in my vocabulary…so it came and went, just as I predicted! Sarah actually found me through my Facebook advertisement and after a phone call or two they booked me. I had only met Josh in person but enjoyed Sarah’s posts on Facebook…so I felt like I knew her already. The reception at Auletto Caters was perfect…including sushi!!

Here is a snapshot of their day…

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