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Kelly & Josh’s favorites…

As you will see in this wedding I am totally into my brides and grooms. Kelly and Josh have such an amazing connection and I loved getting shots of them all day long. There are very few times that I am brought to tears at a wedding but they did a good job of demonstrating true love and reminded me of how important my wife, kids, and family are in life. As one of my favorite movies once quoted…”life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”…so stop and look around especially at those important people…

Before the images…here is the link to a short clip from their videographer, Bonnie Blink Videography,


Just love this…what a smile!…and of course she called in her sister to assist Mom on the veil!


While waiting around another example of grabbing a shot…I am always looking for something


So this is what I must have looked like when I saw my wife, Liz, walking into the church. But as soon as I felt those tears I looked down and just couldn’t look at her without crying. Josh just reminded me of all those emotions with one look.


Okay so Kelly may not love the look on her face on this one…but wow…that is love


Singing great hymns at ceremonies is a lost thing these days…but not for Kelly and Josh…


Simple…this is total happiness in a couple…


So while the bridal party were dispersing from the formal shot this just struck me as fun…I call it the unformal!


Yeah if I wasn’t looking around I would have missed this one…


Look at Josh’s face…that is total happiness again…how proud is he of his wife!


Yeah this is just funny…great reaction during their slideshow


I wish I could do more than just the white-man’s overbite dance…


Kelly’s sister and brother-in-law got to reenact their first dance from last year…so even though I was booked last year I kinda got an idea…


Three guesses…and the first two don’t count if you  can figure out what song this was…


Yes, I am a portrait photographer as well…any good wedding photographer should be able to do everything for the most important day of your life!

Bill Cawley - August 11, 2009 - 3:05 PM

Beautiful work! Love your captions too – the ‘white man’s overbite dance’ – priceless. 😉

Kate & Mike favorites…

So a new thing I am going to start doing for each wedding is go through and highlight my favorites from a wedding…tell a little story…and help you understand how I see each wedding. So Mike and Kate were referred to me by Erin and Erin, who’s wedding I shot back in 2007, and are they are from near our summer lake house! Kate also happens to hold the exact same Master’s degree that I have in School Counseling. So here are a few favorites from my perspective…


I love the teamwork that goes into getting a bride into a dress…


Most often it is the time between pictures that prove to capture the true personality of a person…


This is another in-between moment…between funny faces which I got Kate and her sister to partake in!


Rain is such a fun thing at a wedding…only when it times itself perfectly!


Umm so teamwork on getting into the dress…does not always translate well into the bustling of the dress…can you tell what Kate was thinking?


These are some of my favorite images…the sneaky, when you think I am not watching shots!


My grandparents were very old when I was young and not around when I got married…and that is why I love grandparents at weddings…


Yeah kids are always cute…


Sometimes I get caught taking pictures…


And a future guidance counselor…good luck Kate!

MyFoxPhilly…season two!

So last year MyFoxPhilly had a little contest…although they put me in the wrong category. I didn’t win…but that is okay. This year I am in the proper category and hopefully I do better than last year!

I know many have already voted and made some amazing comments…thanks! If you haven’t, and want to, vote go to the listing for SingleExposure at

You will need to register (sorry I know it is a pain) and the link for that is and it will take you directly to vote for me!

Once you vote shoot me an email and you will be entered into this  year’s contest!

Homeless artist…

Most of my friends will tell you I am a bit of a cynic (what GenXer isn’t a bit of a cynic) but I had to share a story from my softer side. Maybe it will motivate you a little…or you may think I am naive and silly. But last night I was helping Heather (one of my assistant photographers) take some old film developing equipment to her house. As we drove along 202 I saw this man riding a bicycle along the road with a large sign on it which I couldn’t see well enough to read.

He looked homeless and the bike was towing a caravan of stuff. I then was able to see that he had another bike a few hundred feet behind him. I quickly realized that he was riding one bike forward a few hundred feet, then walking back to his other bike, and repeating this to move along. After we dropped the equipment off at Heather’s house I drove home and sure enough he was still peddling along. Although he had only moved about a quarter of a mile in about 15 minutes.

This time I was able to read the sign he had on his bike. It read “Homeless artist…” and went on to mention other facts about who he was. There were art pieces hanging from the side of the bike that he was trying to sell. So I decided to run home and grab some supplies for this man and the rolled spare change that has been sitting and collecting for probably a few years.
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Kelly & Josh’s wedding in Elverson…

Well last year Kelly’ older sister got married, and Mrs. Stoltzfus contacted me about the wedding, but I was already shooting in the 104 degree heat in State College for Nathan & Molly. So late last year Kelly contacted me about possible dates and fortunately I was available on one of the dates! The weather forecast wasn’t great and Kelly even called me in the morning about bringing umbrellas (which I bought four years ago and have yet to use!). Well as you can see in the images below the four-letter word starting with R never showed up…at least when it really counted.

The ceremony was done by Ryan Estes’ father and was a great Christian ceremony that reminded everyone what it is all about. Kelly and Josh are an amazing couple with a deep faith…it was an honor to be included.

ryan estes - July 13, 2009 - 1:22 PM

Nicely done, Craig. I wish I could have been there… nice to see wedding pictures with people I know in them!

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