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Rachel & Matt’s beautiful wedding!

Rachel and Matt found me because I was a member of the Professional Photographers of America…a great organization that every good photographer should belong! Anyway…there day was PERFECT and everything was gorgeous. More about their special day later this week…for now enjoy the slideshow!

Larisa & Bill’s Excellent Engagement Adventure

Sorry for the title…child of the 80’s couldn’t resist the movie reference (for anyone not familiar watch Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure)…anyway…Larisa and Bill are set to get hitched in December at The Mendenhall Inn. We spent about an hour wandering around West Chester borough and found a great location…the drain below an alley, inside a parking garage…yeah that’s right. I am always looking for unusual locations that have great light…and give different looks…to go along with some of the traditional stuff your parents love…


Nice work on the ring Bill!


Nothing like an alley with a flash…


Ooohhh moody in the parking garage…


Funky processing….


The parking garage!


Under the alley in the garage



Isn’t Bill cute…lol…always looking for great light and here is a great example…


Work it Larisa!


Philly Photo Group Shoot

So my friends and I had a little get together…shared some business ideas…some food…and a couple models. We shot at a friend’s farm down the road and found some cool spots around the farm. The best part of the whole story was that one of the model’s that Jeff lined up is getting married in June and Issy Schmid is shooting her wedding…my connection to Issy and her husband Austin is a story in itself for another post some day! For now here are a couple of my favs from the shoot.



This one feels the power of some serious off-camera flash…ah Quantums…..aaahhhh



Fun in a run-down shack…and some kicker light behind!




Adrienne & Marc’s Engagement Fun!

It is the time of year to kick up the engagement sessions and here are some highlights from a couple recent sessions. First is Adrienne and Marc at Villanova University. Adrienne and Marc are both taking classes at Villanova (Adrienne actually just graduated!) so it was an important place for them. We had a blast and found some hidden treasures around campus.

Here in the tunnel at the SEPTA station…very cool…a little smelly as well…


The whole fam…



Not sure of the official name…but we called it the Oreo sculpture!




This has to be one of my most favorite locations EVER! This HUGE willow tree that I spotted and figured we could go under it for some cool images…and no doubt they are AWESOME!





Favorites of 2009 so far…

Well 2009 has been super busy already…as you can tell from my lack of posts…but here are a few of my favorites from this year so far.

Back in February I started with Megan & David’s wedding in Philadelphia. They were both living in DC and planning the wedding from there so they had some help from their planner Jamie Lawton…here are my favs from their day.

David gave Megan an awesome necklace which all the ladies loved!


Megan’s sister helped me highlight the gorgeous earrings that Megan gave all the ladies as their gifts.


Basic shot in the bathtub…yeah the bathtub…I always look for fun patterns and colors and the marble in the bathtub was great.


So they wanted to do formals outside…in 20 degree weather…needless to say it was quick and cold so they jumped to create some heat!


Long story short…Megan and her family let me inside an amazing special family tradition dancing to ABBA…I felt so privileged to be in the circle


Closing out the night I got some shots of their room that her sisters had decorated…so I did a little painting with light and highlighted perfectly the rose petals that lead to their room.


Next up in 2009 was Summer and Marc. Marc’s sole responsibility for the wedding was a photographer. Their planner, Mark Kingsdorf from Queen of Hearts, recommended me and Marc loved my philanthropic involvement (and my photography) so we had a blast.

Had fun with Summer in the hallway before we headed over to the wedding.


Marc was awesome…loved that he showed his feelings…very touching.


The first time that Marc really stopped, looked, and saw his beautiful wife from head to toe!


Popcorn bar for after the reception…very cool…I think Summer liked it:)


One of the best moments…formals are fun…but the moments in between are the best!


Third of the year were Meghan and Luke who I think booked me almost two years ago! Luke was one of the guys in a wedding back in 2007 and when they got engaged they booked me right away.

Details…yup I shoot them and they ARE important to you so of course we get them!


A private moment for Meghan and Luke as they saw each other for the first time before heading out to formals…


Another fun spot shot…bathroom again…cool wallpaper in the bathroom and I couldn’t resist!


Driving range anyone? FORE!!!!!!!!!


Ahh more details…love em!


Wow…so cute…great light…hotel bed and a big window equals amazing shots in unamazing locations!


Green shoes…yes green…and they were awesome!


Conner was about to beat me with the stick unless I made him look older…haha…cute cute little guy!


Okay…they aren’t really taking a leak…and if they were I would be concerned why Phil’s friend to the left is looking down…eyes straight ahead!


One of my top favorites of the year so far…look at the look she is giving Phil…so so cute and a great moment!


VANS! I remember them from when I was a kid and Mandi’s Dad loves them as well!


That is all that will fit in this post…more to come including some engagement sessions!