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Megan & David’s Wedding

So thanks to a referral from my friends the Stringers I shot Megan and David’s wedding yesterday in Philadelphia. It was a great event at Old St. Joseph’s and the reception at the Omni Hotel. Although it was cold it was a super hot reception with tons of fun, dancing, and great moments. I also got a chance to use some new gear including my ring flash with Megan in the bathtub!

Gorgeous flowers by Carl Alan, DJ was Steve Croce from Silver Sound, and Jamie Lawton from Simply Wed Events was their coordinator…and a special shout out to Tara Davis from the Omni who was AWESOME despite having had her car stolen that morning…send her some prayers and good thoughts!

Mary Hopper (mother of the bride) - February 23, 2009 - 10:59 PM

Craig, Thank you so much for your creative and sensitive work, capturing our wacky family. I think you were somehow able to join us in a way that I don’t think someone else could have. You sometimes seemed to be having almost as much fun as we were too. I guess it’s true that if you do what you love for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life. You really proved that.
Although I was too filled with joy during the ceremony and celebration to shed tears, your slideshow did the trick the next day. It reminded me how short life is and how vital it is to hold each moment close. Your “eyes” were everywhere, which gave us more moments than we could have found alone. Thanks also for posting some pictures so soon. It was a surprise and a special gift that extended our celebration one more day.

Emma Barnett (sister of the bride) - February 23, 2009 - 7:26 PM

I am the youngest sister of the bride (the one who couldn’t stop crying). I wanted to second my Dad’s “thank you” to the photographers that successfully captured this classic Philadelphia winter wedding. Throughout the hectic weekend, the staff of Single Exposure Photography were supportive, friendly, professional, and outstandingly talented at capturing the emotion of the precious moments of this celebration for our family. I am so thankful to have had them with us to document my sister’s wedding. I would strongly recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much to everyone at Single Exposure Photography!

George Barnett - February 23, 2009 - 6:30 PM

This is the father of the bride, the guy who was going to shave for the wedding but ran out of time.
So many deserve credit for making Megan and David’s wedding such a beautiful and memorable event, but I just want to comment on the exquisite detail and emotion that your photography captured over the 2 majestic days!
Much can be lost & forgotten in the rigmarole leading up to precious hours and moments just prior to the proceedings — the nuptials and through the reception, but your photography caught so many wonderful frames that will endure and be cherished forever by our families!
A sincere thank you!

Photographer + Sick Kid + New Lens = Fun

So what happens when I am stuck at home with a sick four year old? Oh, and throw in the fact that I have a new lens to play around with…this…




Uuummmmmm medicine makes me feel better…



Although I caught his cold after being around him for two days it was fun and a chance to focus on him all day…second kids never have as many pictures of them, but I am trying to catch him up…

Cleaning Up…

I am a sentimental guy and don’t like getting rid of really anything that has some special meaning. I have a basket on my dresser that I put ticket stubs, fun little gifts from my boys, or really anything else that is special. I also keep anything that my awesome clients send me…since most send emails…which is fine…I especially treasure the hand-written notes. As I am home with my youngest today I thought I would file the ones that have been in a pile for the past few months…as you can see here is an example of why the post office is going out of business!  Before I did…here is a little snapshot of the notes…I love reading them again.


I also keep any items that my clients, corporate and individuals, give me once they have put them to use. One that has been especially cool is the Makemie Ridge development that a friend is managing. They have put together some amazing brochures of the retirement village and used my images from the site, right next to the church we presently attend, Westminster Presbyterian.


And here is a bunch of random items…including an announcement for a recital at West Chester University, a colleague’s band CD which I have a tiny image inside, a Knot Magazine that a fellow wedding professional had an ad…the image in the ad was even at First Presbyterian Church in West Chester. And my own words put into a flyer from one of my album vendors…they never even told me but it was cool to see!


And BTW that beat up thing everything is sitting on is a chest that Liz’s grandfather made like 80 years ago! It has seen better days, but certainly has seen some cool things in all the traveling it has done!

Cool Products…

I actually take pictures of more than just wedding couples and family portraits…most of the time they aren’t all that exciting. But here are a few recent things that have been fun and different.

First is a line of woman’s accessories that a friend and her business partner have launched. They even got some play in the local newspaper the other week. So Toni asked me to do some shots of the products so here are a couple samples. Check out their website, Metal Work Designs, at



Toni has also teamed up with another business partner from the school community, Shari Parone. Funny story about Shari…I was at the Chester County Hospital picking up an MRI a few years ago. As I am waiting in the line Shari is there with her youngest daughter who is totally cute! So I comment on how cute she is and gave Shari one of my cards. Then last year at an Open House or something I see Shari with her daughter and remember seeing them…small world isn’t it! Anyway, Toni and Shari, have this cool buiness called Take Home Tips. Toni also plugged them in the article above and here are a couple images from their business. Check out their business, Take Home Tips, at




So check them out..neat products, fun people, and lots of fun!