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The Pittsburgh Project…doing good!

I’m off to The Pittsburgh Project in (you’ve guessed it) Pittsburgh, PA. It is an amazing mission run by Saleem Ghubril (moving on after this year…tears…) is a mission that helps elderly families that have dilapidated homes and have no hope.

Our senior high group will work with groups of other senior high kids from around the country and have a blast. Each night spending time together listening to some rockin tunes! Have a great summer week…for once I won’t be in 100 degree heat!

Irina & Simon at Merion Tribute House

I started out meeting Irina at Calista Grande Spa in West Chester, PA where she got her hair and makeup done. What a beautiful job they did. We then met up at the Merion Tribute House where I have shot several times and as usual the place looked great. Flowers were amazing (Boyd’s Flowers)…and according to Irina she just told them what she liked and they created an amazing bouquet!

Check out their slideshow here.

One of my favs of Simon as the ladies were struggling with the bustling of the dress…

One of the greatest cake’s I have seen in a while…

Mandi & Phil’s Engagement Session in West Chester, PA

Mandi’s co-worker was at Jessica & Matt’s wedding in New Jersey and immediately told Mandi that she needed to talk to me about her wedding photography. Well it worked out and Mandi, Phil, and I spent a HOT July afternoon in West Chester…a special place for both of them.

Some great shots outside the Chester County Courthouse.

Outside of Limoncello where they got engaged in the back room! Great place and see some great restaurant reviews at the WCDish.

And outside Ryan’s Pub…yes this is that tiny alley right next to Ryan’s.

Jennifer - October 3, 2008 - 2:48 PM

cute couple. love the shadow shot. good eye

Jamie & Paul Get Married

Jamie and Paul got married and since Liz (my lovely wife) was in the wedding I tagged along and shot the entire show…what a great day it was. We spent some time at Strawbridge Lake Park taking their bridal formals before the service, then off to service, spent a great cocktail hour at their family friend’s house (amazing yard) then enjoyed the reception at a local restaurant. Great time had by all…including me this time since I was also a guest!

Check out their slideshow here.

Jamie wanted a “web worthy” shot so I had her take a little walk on the diving board…she freaked me out when she faked to lose her balance…my heart stopped…she was only kidding thanks goodness!

Jamie surprised Paul with her signing “At Last”…what a nice surprise…it was beautiful!