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Stacey & Ed…and McDonald’s

Stacey and Ed had a beautiful day despite the weather forecasters prediction of rain…HA…rain…didn’t see a drop the entire day. A great day and my first bridal party pit stop at a McDonald’s (scroll down for the McDonald’s pics) on the way to the reception at Merion Tribute House…I’ve been to a beer store, but not a McDs!

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A special heirloom necklace made special for Stacey…

Boys being boys!


Married? Yes, married….geeze

Okay for those that don’t know, a quote from a classic 80’s movie, Sixteen Candles. When Long Duk Dong is telling Jake where Samantha is….anyway, Leah and Mark got married last Friday and had a great reception at the ACE Club. After scheduling the wedding for later this year they found out that Mark’s Guard group was going to be deployed in Iraq in May. We didn’t even get a chance to get their engagement session done, but we will when Mark returns safely home!

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Leah’s flowers hanging out while….

Leah and her Dad play a game of whiffle ball!

I was peeking through the doors leading out of the chapel…

Leah and Mark with Leah’s 92 year old Great Aunt who is also a Nun…she is so cute!

McDonald’s & Whiffle Ball Weddings

Before posting more later this week of my back to back weddings this past weekend, I had to put up a couple new experiences. First, on Friday, Leah and her Dad decided to play a quick game of whiffle ball before heading to the church and Saturday, Stacey & Ed’s limo had to make a quick snack run at the McDonald’s on the way to the reception!


Judy & Patrick get married

The trip to Raspberry Plain was a piece of cake and we even got to see scenic Luckett, VA…yee haw! Anyway, I had not met Judy and Patrick in person yet but we got along just fine! Thanks to a mutual friend that connected us and I was honored to work with them on what turned out to be a beautiful day…despite the weather forecast.

You can see their slideshow here,

Here are a couple images from the day…

Off to Leesburg!

Tomorrow Brittany and I are off to photograph Judy & Patrick’s wedding at Raspberry Plain in Leesburg, VA. It is a beautiful 18th century mansion dating back to the George Mason family. More after Saturday!