Monthly Archives: February 2008

"God is at Eye Level"

What a fantastic book by Jan Phillips. God is at Eye Level is an amazing book not only for photographers (but mostly photographers) but anyone that wants some new motivation. It is thought provoking…inspirational…challenging. There isn’t one technical aspect of the book…it is all about connecting, storytelling, and the power of photography. It reminds me of the reason I am a photographer. I love telling stories and showing emotions.

What is ahead in 2008?

A ton of great couples and locations lie ahead for 2008 and I am so excited to be working with all my couples. It is amazes me how different each wedding can be…even the vows and ceremonies can be remarkably different. It is one of my favorite things about working with couples and telling their stories. So if you are planning for your wedding in 2009 or beyond here are some great locations in the region that I will be shooting at this year.

Judy & Pat – Raspberry Plain in Leesburg, VA
Becky & Steve – Pen Ryn Masion in Philadelphia, PA
Nathan & Molly – Centre Furnace Mansion in State College, PA
Michele & Jeremy – Liberty Place in Lancaster, PA
Irina & Simon – Merion Tribute House in Merion Station, PA
Stacey & Kevin – Rockwood Park in Wilmington, DE
Leah & Mark – Inn at Penn in Philadelphia, PA
Dana & Robert – FontHill in Doylestown, PA
Hannah & Eric – Rivercrest Golf Club in Oaks, PA

2009 Already!

While I still have plenty of dates open for 2008 I have started the rush for 2009 weddings already! Some great, fun, couples already on the schedule and I can’t wait for this year to get going. First wedding this year isn’t until April so lots of time for portraits, engagement sessions, and trying some new techniques for this season.

A new idea that is emerging right now is the true engagement session! Yeah guys you have to pay attention to this. You can schedule a stealth session to actually capture your proposal to your beautiful girlfriend! With long lenses and some cunning I can capture the “Yes, I’ll marry you!”, the tears, and everything else that goes along with the special moment.

The Godfather

Liz and I are blessed and honored to be the Godparents of our good friend’s youngest daughter. We were invited to celebrate her first birthday with the family on Friday. Of course camera in my hand the entire evening!

Yummy! Cake!

Mean Godfather Craig thought it would be cute to wear my hat…not so much!

Cute as a present!

You bought this for me, remember?

I’m so cute!!


I’m outta here!