Monthly Archives: January 2008

A calling???

Sitting at church on Sunday I had a little bit of a weird moment. There was this convergence of ideas and messages that made me think pretty deeply about my love of photography. I have always thought that there is additional uses for my photography in telling people’s stories that no one else wants to tell. So during the service we watched a video called “Two Trees” (I can’t remember the name of the guy in the video but will get it) and it was awesome!

In addition to the message a few other things clicked and after I went home I merged it all into a new idea. Not sure where it will go, but here it is. Two Trees Photography…a place to help connect Non Profit groups, which there are so many, with photographers that want to do a little more than the profit generating side of the business.

With newspapers readership going down because of the internet the have less time for stories about little non profits. So maybe, just maybe, this is a good idea. I have started to do some research and nothing comparable yet. In the meantime the beginnings are here,

Let me know what you think,!

Not in the pool this time!

My oldest son’s best swim teacher from the YMCA needed some headshots and I was happy to help. Becca and Jeff are giving a recital at West Chester University and telling a beautiful love story as the recital progresses. So the goal was to get some basic head shots and also to tell the story in pictures for their display on campus.

It’s been a while…

Yeah I bet you thought I fell off a cliff! Nope just buried under a mountain of albums for last year’s amazing weddings and clients. Here is an example of what I have been working on.

First, Catherine and Brent from November 3rd…

Pre…er…post-wedding shoot!

What happens when it rains, then rains, and rains again when you have the pre-wedding shoot? Well, in the case of Lori and Don we have it AFTER the wedding! So finally, after a couple months we finally got together and had a blast at Faun Brook in West Chester.


The Massey Family

Last year I had the privilege to shot Erin and Chris’ wedding at the House of Blues in Atlantic City and shortly before did a family portrait for Erin’s family. Now I got the chance to do the same for Chris’ family. We arranged a time at Springhaven Golf Club near Media and had a perfect setting for a fun family portrait.

Erin & Chris
Mr. & Mrs. Massey recreating his parent’s wedding-day portrait!
The Massey’s and the grandkids
The whole Massey gang!

Ah Winter….

Typically winter is a slower time for photographers…well not for me. After a very busy wedding season last year it is time to put together albums. One of the best parts of the entire process! Here are a few select pages from a couple weddings from 2007.

Eric & Eric’s Wedding – Wedding was at The Breakers in Spring Lake, NJ…beautiful!

Shellie & Jesse – Wedding was on the Moshulu in Philadelphia….again just beautiful!

Happy New Year

Yesterday I had the chance to be the photographer for one of the junior bridesmaids from our wedding way back in 1997! My wife cried as she watched the slideshow because it made her feel old. While some things have changed, not much else has…Bethany and her sister Brittany, her Maid of Honor, still don’t eat cake icing….at least this time I didn’t eat the icing for them!

Bethany and Eric’s wedding was held at First United Methodist church in Lancaster (the same church we were married) and the reception was at Millersville University’s Conference Center (again, the same as our reception).