Ashley + Mike’s Pomme Wedding

After a spring of cold, rain, and frankly crappy weather, Ashley and Mike brought the best Mother Nature had in store! This wedding was a who’s who of my former couples and bridal parties. Thanks to Colleen & Joe and Kristen & Brent for instilling in Mike and Ashley the faith that I could give them a great day. Enjoy a snapshot of their amazing day.


I hope you enjoyed the show and you may not see many more from me in the future. As life and work has demanded more of my time, I’ve had to reduce the number of weddings I take on each year.



Meredith + James’ Wedding

What a great day, that felt like it should in December of 2015, although the weekend before the temperature hit 70 degrees. Meredith and James found me thanks to one of her high school classmates, Kristin, and I was so honored to be a part of their day. Enjoy their slideshow from their amazing day.

Jenna + Joe’s Wedding

So what happens when I get shingles the week of a wedding? I show up to a bride and groom who were so amazingly understanding, and Jenna even had them once before so knew the pain I was experiencing. Thanks to a great photography friend, Erik Matey, we were able to capture the day without a problem! Thanks Erik!

Jenna and Joe had a great day, and now a week later I’m finally back to full working condition and present their slideshow. The weather certainly beat Dana’s day from a few years ago. Enjoy a peek at their day…a week late!:(

Sherri + Matt’s Wedding

What a great day in Philadelphia with Sherri and Matt, thanks to Kristen who only met her about the time of Kristen’s wedding, but encouraged Sherri to consider me! Well, thanks Sherri and Matt for trusting me with your wedding day and for making me a part of a total blast of a day. I was laughing and enjoying myself the entire time!


Great music provided by Adam Haines,, and usual great music by Steve Croce from

Kendyl & Thomas’ Union Trust Wedding

I was flattered to receive a message from Kendyl back in June of 2014 and it said that “you are the photographer I want” even before they had a venue booked or a specific date. Thanks to her cousins weddings that she was involved, we got to know each other and it was an honor to be there for her and Thomas. It was an absolutely beautiful day (a little windy) and I had a blast kicking off my wedding year! Enjoy the show…

Lauren & Don’s Wedding

As with most of my weddings, it all began with Lauren and Don at another wedding I was photographing. Last year Lauren’s cousin Kristen married Brent, and I was lucky enough to meet Don as well. Although I had to dispute the fact that Batman is not a true super hero…just a rich guy. Despite my disagreement with Don, they picked me anyway to capture their day. After a day of rain their wedding day was amazingly beautiful! Enjoy a snapshot of their day!

Ainsley + Steven’s Aronimink Golf Club Wedding

On Saturday I had the honor of being the photographer for Ainsley and Steven’s wedding at Aronimink Golf Club in Newtown Square, PA. It was a beautiful (although rainy) day, but as I told Ainsley and her bridesmaids, the rain would allow for a beautiful glistening finish to the day…and it did! Enjoy a snapshot of their day…

Renee & Joe’s Citizens Bank Park Wedding

In the past, I have photographed weddings receptions and engagement sessions at Citizens Bank Park, but never a ceremony ON THE FIELD! I have never been allowed to touch the grass let alone walk on it and home plate. Well, thanks to Renee and Joe, I’ve done it all and what a way to do it. They had one of the most perfect weather days of all my weddings and the day was an absolute blast, had great emotion, and of course the Phanatic! Enjoy a peek at their day!

Andy Mellor - September 10, 2014 - 9:54 PM

What stunning images. Looks like a truly unique wedding – as a sports nut I have to say it looks really cool (although it’d have to be Wrigley Field for me!).

Great images, great work.

Amy Rufo - July 21, 2014 - 11:09 PM

It was a perfect day! A wedding we’ll never forget. Thanks for making it that much better for the McCarrons!

Erin + Stephen’s Wedding

So this week I not only got to photograph Erin and Stephen’s wedding, but I also met with who was responsible for them booking me, Emily and Steve (who’s wedding I photographed last year and we were finally meeting to get their album planned out…see what happens when couples move across the country!) who went to camp with Erin! Anyway, when I met with Erin and Stephen it was a snow storm, but their wedding day could not have been more perfect. And for the first time I’m cranking out a slideshow the same day (okay it’s past midnight so it’s technically not the same day) of their wedding. So, enjoy the show!

Matt (and Katie’s) Big Day

For the first time since 2004 my first wedding wasn’t until June…but it was worth the wait. Katie and Matt’s day couldn’t have been any more perfect and I loved the laid back, unique feel of the entire day. From Zoe (their super cute dog), to an amazing quilted chuppah, and the chocolate-chip wedding cookie cake, and the picture perfect weather, what else could I ask for! So enjoy a snapshot of their amazing day! #mattsbigday!!

Emma - June 10, 2014 - 3:09 AM

These pictures show the feeling of the amazing day as well as the essence of K and M! WOW! WOW! WOW!

Emma - June 10, 2014 - 3:07 AM

WOW! These pictures will make those who could not attend “feel” (& see) the amazing day. The true essence of K & M is captured here!